Sensui’s Fall Story Part 1

In all my reign nothing has seem more natural than choosing Shinobu Sensui. He was a child prodigy…Like you kwuabara he could sense apparitions at a young age….and they were drawn to him like magnets

but Sensui had something more……he could destroy them

His universe was cut and dry, black and white, demons were evil so he had to destroy them, and thats when he saw what changed him.

What was it?

Grey……truck loads of grey…I had given him an urgent case…if only I had known the results.

What kind of case?

I had ordered him to seal up the tunnel between the human and demon worlds.


You mean thats the exact same thing were doing now?!

The circumstances were different. That opening was only 10 meters wide there were no threat of expansion, but it was stable allowing lower class demons to pass. It took 8 psychics, the strongest they thought existed to maintain it. But it wasnt free passage for the demons

……it was a trap organized by the young Black Black Club. They captured demons as they squeezed through and sold them at an ENORMOUS profit. Black Black Club ring a few bells…

Those are the dirt bags who watched us as we rescued Yukina   

Thats Right and one newcomer had just worked his way into the group by his talent of capturing demons……….Sakyo!

SAKYO!! You mean he was already started stuff when I was getting kicked out of kindergarten.

Thats one way of looking at it yeah! Today there an entire culture of demons body guards for corporate crooks. A multi-billion black market industry……….Sakyo began it all!

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